The Skin Story

How I Keep My Skin Happy and Kickin'

Anyone who sweats on a regular basis knows keeping your skin clean and blemish free is a constant struggle. Personally, I have struggled with blemished skin, scarring and skin sensitivity since I was 15 years old and learned I have an allergy to Benzoyl Peroxide.

My ethnicity is African American and Swedish amongst other things, which for the most part has worked out in my favor, BUT it has also caused my skin to be quite conflicted. The Swedish half of me attributes to my super sensitive skin and the African American half causes scars galore whenever I break out. Lucky for me that means I get to constantly play the fun game ‘how does Lauren keep her skin clear?’

In all other aspects of my life I am a huge believer in all-natural, holistic and homeopathic remedies for my ailments. But when I tried an all-natural skin care regime, for lack of better words, my skin HATED me. Ultimately, I had to return to stronger skincare formulas with a few all-natural products sprinkled throughout. Eventually, I hope to figure out the right all-natural routine for my skin but as of now I just can’t swing it.

Here is my daily routine:

Morning –

  • Dermalogica Active Moist
  • Cold water, I only rinse my face in the AM I don’t wash it with soap. It helps remove any sweat but maintain the natural oils my face produces over night.

Makeup –

Pre/Post Workout –

Night –

Scent –

Wow, the army of products it takes to keep a woman going! There is a slight possibility I am a product addict.


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