Tip of the Week

Monday, Monday, Monday...

I am one of the endless humans, who hates the dreaded Monday workout. I am also one of the bajillion who knows the most important workout of the week is the one I hate the most, on Monday. Personally, I cannot get over the combination of a case of the Mondays and the constant struggle to get moving. It’s 100% not my jam. In the same vein this whole month of July I have challenged myself to get over my Monday hate toward physical activity. I have been doing so by scheduling my workouts every Monday on my daily calendar. I should do this for every workout of my week, but like any other healthy change of lifestyle I am going to start with baby steps.

Tomorrow, you will find me at Title Boxing at 6:15pm sharp ready to get my sweat on! I know you were waiting for me to blow your mind and schedule that workout in the morning, but I am sorry to disappoint, that’s just not happening this week. Baby steps people! Those crack of dawn workouts are not in the cards for me at the moment. I’ll write more about my feelings toward morning workouts later, but as a preview I HATE THEM! Thank you University of Michigan Athletics!


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