My Yoga Essentials

Brought to you mainly by Outdoor Voices

Athena Crop in Ash

For the most part I do yoga in a hot room, it helps me limber up much quicker and makes me feel like my workout counted when all is said and done. That said, a lot of fabric around my midsection is suffocating, this top allows for the perfect amount of coverage and freedom.

Outdoor Voices Spring Legging in Ash/Dove/Oatmeal

The are two pairs of leggings in this story because I CANNOT practice yoga in shorts. I have tried on so many occasions, but I either worry the whole time someone is looking up my shorts or I slip and slide everywhere because there is nothing to catch the sweat falling off of my legs. Both of these leggings allow for a worry free yoga practice.

Two-Tone Warmup Legging in Dove and Ash Grey

This second pair of leggings is extremely similar to the first, but I have a tendency to dress in monochromes and grey seems to be my yoga hue. Plus, I couldn’t leave them off solely because they are so dang comfy.

Lululemon The Mat 3mm in Black

I have always been a Lululemon mat type of girl. They last forever, come in every color and have the perfect no nonsense minimal design. Things you should know about these mats, they will smell like plastic for your first 5 uses, as they age you have to clean them or they lose their grip and they are rather heavy, so if you’re a commuter be forewarned.

Yogitoes Agate Sweatless Towel

I don’t use a full mat towel I tend to lose my grip too much, this is the perfect alternative to being that person who brings a hand towel to class. It is perfect for wiping sweat and protecting your mat from excessive sweat when doing any poses on your stomach or back.

Lole Lily Tote Bag in Black

This bag is the epitome of a workout bag. I carry it with me to yoga, boxing, the gym, work, absolutely everywhere. There is space for a yoga mat, the largest pocket is big enough for boxing gloves, there is a laptop pocket along with a million other secret compartments AND the best part… it converts into a backpack for easy carrying!

Reused H2O Bottle

Don’t get me wrong I have my fair share of purchased water bottles, but my favorites always tend to be the bottles that I buy at Whole Foods and continually refill. Recycle Reuse right?

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