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I knew I would enjoy spending time in Copenhagen or Kobenhavn (per the locals) before I ever stepped foot off of the airplane. One, it is the happiest place on earth, two, it is known for it’s Michelin Star restaurants and three, Scandinavian design… enough said. Within my first day in the city all of my expectations were met and surpassed, I absolutely loved Copenhagen! As I mentioned, Copenhagen is known for its Michelin Star restaurants (definitely plan ahead before your trip and make reservations), but Copenhagen is also known as one of the healthiest cities in the world. For my family and I, making healthy choices while traveling was far from a struggle. Here are my healthy go too’s for the happiest city in the world!

Where to eat:

Mikkeller Bar – I absolutely loved the combination of spars Scandinavian design, paramount European draft beers and communal outdoor seating. Check this place out if you are a beer drinker, enjoy design or want to stray from the tourist path and kick it with the locals.

Restaurant Cofoco – This Restaurant is across the street from Mikkeller, my family and I made a night of it and had beers at Mikkeller before we sat down for dinner. Serving all local Danish produce, the restaurant is light and airy while at the same time reminiscent of a French cellar. I don’t have one bad word to say about this place the food was phenomenal, our waitress was the cutest and the vibe was ultra chill. I would suggest ordering 3 tapas sized plates per person dining, my personal favorite was the Mussel Soup.

Kodbyens Fiskebar – Located in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district, Fiskebar is hands down the best seafood I had in Copenhagen, and argumentatively all of Europe. We sat outside on the communal patio, but make sure to check out the beautiful indoor space redolent of an old school tugboat, it is a must see. I mean on top of the design there is a jellyfish tank and dripping water sound track in the bathroom! I never knew I wanted a bathroom sound track, but now that I’ve experienced it I want one in every bathroom I enter from now on.

Copenhagen Meatpacking District Food and Market – I am not sure how many Saturday and Sunday markets happen in Copenhagen, but this market was in the Meatpacking district directly across from Fiskebar. Our mistake was going to Fiskebar before the market. Definitely hit both of these on separate days, we were stuffed from lunch so we didn’t eat but everything looked scrumptious. We instead settled on a beautiful bottle of rose from local bar Husted Vin’s market stand.

Restaurant Höst – This was our Michelin ‘experience’ in Copenhagen and it was delightful! Both my sister and I ordered the Host Signature Menu and Wine Pairing. Meaning our courses were set for us and paced accordingly with their complimentary wines. Design wise, this was my favorite which is a huge feat as I am the BIGGEST fan of any and all Scandinavian design. Something about the wool blankets on the chairs, white washed brick walls and butter served in drilled out stones, stole my little design heart.

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What to do:

Walk – Copenhagen is much smaller than I expected, meaning it is a very very walkable city. I am so thankful I packed my handy dandy Adidas Ultra Boosts (aka the most comfortable shoes in the world) because there is no better way to get to know a city than throwing on your walking shoes and exploring.

Climb to the top of Our Saviors Church – Sightseeing and a workout all in one. Be warned the stairs in this baby are no joke! According to my FitBit it was 18 floors of steep, windy, wooden stairs. But it is all worth it once you get to the top, the views of Copenhagen are insurmountable from anywhere else in the city.

Bike – As much as Copenhagen is a walking city it is equally a bike friendly city. Rent a bike for a day and hit all of the spots that are a little too far to hit in a day simply walking.

Run Christianhavns Canal or or Kastellet Star Fortress – Christianhavns Canal is near Our Saviors Church so if you are feeling extra enthusiastic knock both of these out at the same time and you will definitely hit every FitBit goal you’ve set. Kastellet is the park/fortress that sits right at the edge of the The Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s most well known sights. My family and I biked to the Little Mermaid, ran around the fortress and biked to Amalienborg Palace all before noon to see the changing of the guards. I Loved getting our sweat on with a purpose!

Hotel/Gym Workout – Make sure to get a real workout in every once and a while even if your feet are sore and your jet lagged. My mentality… while in Europe pound a cafe latte, espresso, cappuccino or coffee and hit the gym, why not? You will not regret it. I will even make it super easy for you and post a few hotel/gym workouts in the upcoming days.

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