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Derek Lam 10c x Athleta

It’s gear day! These stories are my favorite because I get to talk about the clothes I live in and love every single day! Today I get to tell you about a really exciting new collaboration that will look great on everyone, across the gamete of personal style.

The collaboration I am talking about is Derek Lam 10C x Athleta, and yesterday I was fortunate enough to snag an invite to their launch event here in Chicago. Since hearing about the collaboration I have been so curious to see how this fashion power house was going to take on the athlesure world. Let me tell you Derek Lam did not disappoint. The minimalistic design is timeless, the quality of each fabric is great, from what I hear the built in sports bras are extremely supportive (I am not endowed in that area so I am a poor judge in this instance) and overall it is extremely chic. The only thing that I found a bit odd was the use of leather. Don’t get me wrong the leather pieces are gorgeous and of high quality, but leather isn’t the first thing that comes to mind in the world of athlesure. That said, those of you looking for leather track pants or leggings at a competitive price, have to check out the leather pieces in this collection.

This collaboration rocketed Athleta to one of the top brands on my athlesure list, especially for tights. From the collaboration I took home a green, 3/4 crop, Block Avenue Tank and Block Studio Legging. I am all about a matching set and I couldn’t pass this one up. Plus, as an added bonus the leggings are extra long, us tall girls know how hard it is to find long leggings! The green is a perfect kelly green, which for me is a fun throw back to my high school days (Edina Hornet green).

I am so excited to rock these at not only at the gym, but in my everyday wardrobe. All of that said, bravo Derek Lam and Athleta this collaboration is a slam dunk! Go check it out if you haven’t already!


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