Tip of the Week


It has taken me years to sit down and write this story… and no that was not a typo, literally it has taken years! Not because I didn’t have the words to say, but because I was afraid for the longest time to incorporate this advice into my daily life.

When I began gravitating toward Eastern medicine, alternative remedies and homeopathy, I knew that I would be the kind of person who’s life would change if I began to include meditation into my routine. I never doubted meditation would be beneficial, I just couldn’t get myself to take the first step and start educating myself on the process or practice. I don’t know exactly what was holding me back, all I could process when thinking about meditation was anxiety. What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work? It wasn’t until 4 weeks ago when I was offered the opportunity to go to a 8 week group meditation series that I decided it was time to introduce myself to the art of meditation. And let me tell you I had massive anxiety up until the first time I stepped into the room and introduced myself to the instructor.

I am so thankful I finally took the leap because as expected, it has changed everything. I still get minor anxiety before heading into the room, and getting myself to meditate at home is a task, but I absolutely love what it has done for me. I sleep better, I have more energy, I wake up with more purpose, and I feel far more in-touch with the state of my physical being.

So finally we get to my tip of the week! Start considering meditation in your weekly routine. Like myself you don’t have to jump in right away, take your time, but at least start considering the practice. Be compassionate with yourself, know that just like yoga or boxing meditation is a learned skill, and give yourself the gift of educating on the uses and origins of the practice. I promise if you take learning this skill slow and steady and continue to push yourself to grow within the practice you will not be sorry.

Comment below and let me know your tricks for sustaining a meditation practice? How did you get started? Also any suggestions to those of us new to meditation would be amazing!


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