My Ride Or Dies

Everything I Wouldn’t Want To Be Without

Other than friends and family, there are very few things that I am fiercely loyal to, that is aside from these 16 items. They are things that I have loved for years, recently discovered and don’t see myself replacing or make my life a smidgeon easier.

Halflinger Slippers

I am 31% Swedish according to my results, so I think these slippers are part of my DNA. Every single woman in my family along with some of the men have worn these since I can remember. It’s almost as if you aren’t an official member of the family unless you have a pair of Halflinger’s. They are the most durable, comfy and cozy wool slippers, that keep my feet warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer. I know that seems silly, but they regulate the temperature of my feet in the most perfect way. My whole family and I have loved these from day one. View Product

Bose Speaker

This wireless beauty is actually my boyfriends, but it makes my showers 10x more enjoyable because I don’t sing in the shower, I perform! View Product

Arnica Salve

This is the best holistic remedy for sore muscles. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this gem until after I was done playing in college, but better late than never. This particular salve is by the brand MJ’s Herbals.

Lola Tampons

Did you know that some tampon companies add various different chemicals to their products. Personally, that freaks me out, so I set out to find a healthier, all natural tampon. Lola, is the company that I came across and I fell in love with. They are 100% cotton, and what’s better they have a monthly subscription service so I am rarely S.O.L. when I get caught off guard by my monthly friend. View Product

Oribe Texturizing Spray

If you are ever looking for that added vavavoom when it comes to your hair this is your product. If I want to take my hair from everyday curls to Tina Turner, I grab this lovely bottle. View Product

Natural Deodorant

Similar to my thoughts on natural tampons, natural deodorant is just as important. I also happen to be allergic to most perfumed deodorants, so this brand The Healthy Deodorant is not only good for me but saves irritation in my armpits.


I go through candles like it’s my job, I love love love what they do for the environment in my apartment. Any given night of the week there will be at least one burning somewhere in my space. The only candles I avoid are sugary sweet candles. This candle was a gift from the brand Jo Malone in the scent Roasted Chestnut.

Face Wipes

I get my makeup done so often for work, it is rare you will find me without a package of wipes at all times. I hate the feeling of caked on makeup and most days at the end of a shoot or show, the first thing I do is wipe my face. For some reason it makes me feel like my face can breathe again. Lately my favorite brand is Simple, they are super gentile on my sensitive skin and can be found almost anywhere.

iPad Mini

This is my ultimate travel companion. I can read books, download TV shows to watch while I am on the treadmill (right now I’m obsessed with Penny Dreadful), watch movies on the plane and I even use it when I am on air to organize my notes. The size is actually perfect for all of my iPad needs.

Glossier Skin Tint

When I’m not working, it is rare you’ll find me wearing makeup. That said, when I go out and people tell me that I look tired, I figure a little color on the face can’t hurt. That’s where this comes in, great for slapping on over your skin care, it’s minimal coverage, so I still feel like my skin can breathe. View Product

Glossier Boy Brow

This is another product for those days that no makeup isn’t an option. I comb this tinted brow gel through my eyebrows and I don’t have to worry about them being cray cray, I also don’t have to worry about filling in any bald spots. View Product


Keeping with the makeup trend, mascara is a must even though 25% of the time I forget to put it on. This is an awesome big brush Punk Volumizer Mascara by the brand Doucce.

Lip Balm

I have an addiction, I keep them all over my house in all of my bags, most of my pockets and almost all of my drawers. They’re everywhere. This is one of my favorites, it’s Australia’s version of Vaseline, called Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. I have been using it for at lest 3 years, since I discovered it in an Australian owned store in Brooklyn.

Neutral Matte Lipstick

For those special nights out, a matte lip is the easiest way to look made up without wearing a ton of makeup. This is Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Patina.

Dryer Balls

One of my attempts at saving the environment is using dryer balls rather than sheets. They are wool balls you throw in with your clothes and they do all of the work of a dryer sheet, plus they’re reusable. I’ll throw a little eucalyptus essential oil on mine to make my clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. View Product

Le Labo Fragrances

Le Labo is my end all be all, hands down favorite fragrance brand. I have three different colognes that I either wear alone or mix and match. Oud 27’s top notes are agar-wood, cedar atlas, incense, patchouli, black pepper and saffron. Patchulli 24’s top notes are smoke, leather and birch, but I think it smells a lot like a high quality Mezcal tastes. Finally, The Noir 29’s top notes are back tea, bergamot, fig, bay leaves, cedar wood, vetiver and musk. They are all very different but make me feel so cozy in my skin if that makes any sense? View Products

There you have it my absolute ride or dies that you will more than likely see me with for many many years to come.

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