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Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Mexico for a shoot with Gap’s fitness wear brand Athleta. We spent three days in a city called Todos Santos, just outside of Cabo San Lucas, and two days in Ensenada outside of Tijuana. Because we had more time in Todos Santos, this Healthy City Guide is going to be all things Todos Santos.

Where To Eat:

La Copa Cocina – As Todos Santos is a rather small city, a majority of the restaurants are connected to the hotels in the area. La Copa Cocina is connected to Todos Santos Inn, a cute hotel with a downstairs patio perfect for dinning outside, while upstairs is a beautiful bar and lounge. Both spaces serve the same menu, my favorite thing of course was the fresh vegetarian sushi roll, paired with an amazing seaweed salad. Pro Tip: if you are a Mezcal drinker, try one of their Mezcal cocktails!

La Santena – This restaurant is in the Hotel Casa Toda, where I stayed at during my time in Todos Santos. The hotel rooms are a stunning minimalistic, concrete design, surrounding a courtyard featuring a beautiful pool. While La Santena serves the best veggie burrito anyone will ever try.

La Casita – Finally a restaurant not in a hotel. La Casita was the perfect restaurant for the whole production to spend their last night in Todos Santos. The menu is varied so it pleases numerous different palates, the food is fresh and tasty, and the drinks are out of this world! If you are looking for a fun group spot, La Casita is the place to go!


What To Do:

Cerritos Beach – Whether you are a seasoned surfer or looking to take your first surf lessons, Cerritos is the perfect place to grab a board and catch a wave. I have only ever surfed once before this past trip to Mexico, and I had a blast trying it out for a second time. We spent our lunch break on the beach catching waves, and though I am far from spectacular. I loved this beach, tried my best and got in a great workout while I was at it.

Playa Las Palmas – When you think of winning the beach lottery, you think of an undeveloped beach with clear water and no tourists. Las Palmas is exactly that beach. It is all that plus a combination of a jungle, beach and cliffs you won’t find anywhere else. If you can manage to find this beach, you definitely won’t be sorry. While we were shooting, a couple of pro surfers from Cabo came to hang with us and surf. You know a beach is official when local surfer dudes are the only other people on the beach with you.

Todos Santos Main Square – As I do with every Healthy City Guide, the main square in Todos Santos is the perfect place for a park workout. I went for a run through the city (it’s not big, my run was short) and then did a circuit and cool down stretch in the square to top off my workout.

*Photo Credits: La Casita, La Santena, La Copa Cocina

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