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While Marfa, TX isn’t the stereotypical spot for a bachelorette party, this past weekend I took a trip to the lone start state to bachelorette in honor of one of my best friends. Bachelorette and all, I still made sure to check out the tiny town’s healthy mainstays. Here is what I loved in Marfa, TX.

Where to Eat: 

The Get Go – Marfa’s version of Dean & DeLuca but smaller and full of Texans. I am sucker for a good grocery store, and this one is the most charming. I love to start my days when traveling at a grocery store stocking up the essentials, that way I can snack and explore on the go. The Get Go has everything you’d need from vegan treats to toothpaste, vitamins and dog treats.

Do Your Thing – Right across the street from The Get Go, everything in this tiny town is essentially across the street. It is the cutest little coffee shop serving a mouthwatering selection of toasts. Yes I mean toast, avocado, cinnamon, vegan, carrot, etc. Might be my favorite place for good eats in Marfa, don’t miss it.

Marfa Burrito – If you were to ask Matthew McConaughey his favorite spot in Marfa, this would be it. That is if you are judging by the mini shrine to him in the front entrance. Ramona (the owner) has built a cult following crazed for her huge and more than delicious breakfast burritos. I ordered the Primo sin queso and was blown away by the flavor, innards and the best tortilla I’ve every eaten.


What to Do:

Yoga and Meditation at the Well – From the outside The Well is unassuming, but inside it is a sun drenched holistic wellness center perfect for health practices of all sorts. The space offers everything from massage, hair and skin service as well as yoga, meditation and zumba. I love yoga and meditation while traveling, lengthening and re-centering are the perfect offsets for the mental and physical impositions of traveling. The Well offers various different types of yoga along with a meditation session that consists of two 30-minute seated mediations with a 5-minute walking meditation in-between.

Big Bend National Park – Not technically in Marfa, but a 2 hour drive south toward the boarder of Mexico. Big Bend offers day hikes, cycling, scenic drives and river kayaking. While they are all once in a lifetime experiences, the most unique of them all is kayaking the Rio Grande, the geographic boarder of US and Mexico. One of the only places it’s legal and safe to cross back and fourth between the boarders.

Overlook Trail on Mimms Unit Ranch – Maintained by the Dixon Water Foundation this 2.5-mile trail is the perfect way take in the fresh air and rangeland of west Texas. The beginning of the trail is located at the north end of Austin Street. The 2.5-miles are peppered with exhibits about Mimms Unit and culminates in an overlook designed by Joey Benton, a Marfa designer.

*Photo Credits: National Geographic, The Well, The Dixon Water Foundation

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