10 Essential Oils

And How to Use Them

The use of essential oils dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, making it first and foremost proven over time and second, epic brain fodder for us health and wellness junkies! Over the past few years, I have tried my best to learn all that I can about essential oils, their histories and uses. I find them so fascinating and useful, they have now become and integral part of my daily life. While I by no means claim to be an authority on essential oils, here is a list of my favorites and how I use them. Keep in mind, these are by no means the only uses for these oils.


Peppermint – Peppermint oil is great for boosting energy and supporting digestion, I love to add a few drops to my water bottle while working out. It is a refreshing kick in the pants as well as a metabolic boost to maximize your workout.

Rose – Rose oil is best known for reducing skin inflammation, specifically inflammation caused by stressors that result in zits. A great way to benefit from rose oil is to seek out skin care with rose in the list of ingredients. I personally love all natural rose toners, my favorite is this one by Herbivore.

Sandalwood – Aside from being one of my favorite scents, sandalwood is a phenomenal mood stabilizer. Wear this oil on your pressure points to help maintain a consistent flow of energy throughout the day. Added bonus, it is an effective aphrodisiac.

Rosemary – Rosemary has two benefits that I love, the first, it’s a brain stimulant that aids in memory and concentration. It is a perfect to have on hand when studying, working or for me sitting down to write these stories. I personally prefer a rosemary candle, specifically the Le Labo’s Laurier 62 candle. The second reason I like rosemary is it’s a natural hair thickener. Look for shampoos with rosemary oil, or massage a few drops into your scalp while your hair is still wet (side note: for those of you who tend to have greasy hair opt for shampoo).

Frankincense – There may be no cure for the Common Cold, but frankincense will help you fight the cold, along with your stress and anxiety. Add a few drops to a hot bath for a nice soak, or a few drops to a damp cloth and inhale.

Ylang Ylang – If you enjoy meditation, add this oil to a diffuser to elevate your meditation practice. Ylang ylang relaxes both body and mind.

Lavender – The most well known use for lavender is as a sleep aid. I love to hang fresh lavender above my bed when it’s in season, but when I can’t get my hands on a fresh bunch, a lavender pillow spray is just as good. Less well known and rather surprising, lavender oil is a phenomenal insect repellent! I get eaten alive by mosquitos, but I HATE insect repellents, natural lavender repellents and even lavender lotions work wonders!

Tea Tree – Tea tree is one of my favorite anti-bacterial oils. I use it as a disinfectant on scrapes and bites, as well as in my laundry detergent. When I used to wash my workout clothes it was a constant battle to get rid of the sweaty smell. Adding tea tree oil to detergent removes the bacteria that causes those icky smells. I honestly have not found a more effective solution in all my years of sweating.

Eucalyptus – Keeping with the theme of laundry, I LOVE eucalyptus oil! I add a few drops to wool dryer balls (much better than dryer sheets in my opinion, and environmentally friendly) before throwing them into the dryer. My clothes come out smelling like eucalyptus, which to me is the perfect fresh laundry scent.

Tata Harper’s Aromatic Stress Treatment – Though this isn’t a pure essential oil, I included it because it is my dirty little broadcast secret. I rub a generous amount between my palms before heading into the studio, then take a deep breath right before the camera goes live. It calms me, focuses my mind and makes me feel ready and confident.

*Photo Credits: Le Labo, Realistically Raw You, Tata Harper, Herbivore, Jesse Lane Wellness, Essentially Australia


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