How to Life Hack Your Road Trip

7 Easy Steps

Summer has finally started to tip toe towards us, which means it’s time to escape winter hibernation and get moving! Sunshine, warm weather, family and friends are the perfect motivation to explore. Because of a new addition to my family (a Dalmatian named Olive), road trips will be our preferred mode of transportation this summer. Dani, Olive and I will be hitting the open road in search of new adventures.

We are super excited, but we know maintaining our healthy lifestyle will be a challenge. With a little preparation and planning not only can my family do it, but I know yours can too!

Road Trip Hacks:

  1. Invest in a cooler that fit’s in your car’s back seat. The easiest way to eat well on the road is to pack healthy snacks. As most healthy eats are perishable, a cooler is a must! Having that cooler accessible in the back seat is both easy and convenient.
  2. Pack easy snacks rather than full meals that don’t require prep. My favorite snacks are fruit, veggies and hummus and tortilla chips with homemade dip (vegan eggplant dip to be exact).
  3. If you are only packing snacks, that means you have an excuse to stop and eat a meal when it comes meal time. Plan extra time to find a restaurant in a city you’ve never visited before. You’ll be able to get out of the car, eat at a new restaurant in a new city and order food that is healthier than what you’re able to eat while driving. Sub Hack: Google Maps is an AMAZING resource!
  4. Hydrate! Bring at least one water bottle and refill as much as possible. Yes, for those of us that have small bladders that means a few extra pee stops. But really where is the fire, half the fun of a road trip is the road. An extra 10 minutes here or there won’t kill you.
  5. Feed your brain while you have the time. Listen to a book on tape, podcast and or public radio rather than your usual Spotify playlist (though Spotify has podcasts now!). You’ve got nothing to do but sit, drive and spend time with your co-captain, why not discover a thing or two while you’re at it.
  6. Because none of us text and drive, right? Enjoy your time unplugged and reconnect with the human, canine, feline sitting next to you. Road trip or not unplugging is always a great idea… on the road you’ve got no excuses.
  7. Last but most important, make sure to pick your co-captain wisely. No one wants to be stuck on the open road with a person they can’t tolerate. Make sure the person you decide to adventure with is someone you enjoy, are interested in and like to be around. After all it will just be you, that person, a car and the road.

Now get out there and make the most of your weekends!

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