Tea Time

My Favorite Teas and How I Use Them

Tea has been one of my obsessions for years. It was my jumping off point into the natural way of living. I initially drank tea because I hadn’t developed a taste for coffee but I loved the feeling of a warm mug in my hand. While the feeling of a warm mug is fabulous, it wasn’t until the last few years that I started to educate myself on the health benefits of tea. It was then that I started to use tea as a natural remedy to some of my nagging ailments.

Personally, I prefer to brew loose leaf tea, it allows me to make my own concoctions and stays fresher longer. I also think loose leaf teas elevate the experience of drinking tea, they bring in a feeling of tradition and excite your sense of smell. That said, if you are going the loose tea route make sure to store your tea in air tight canisters, tupperware and or mason jars (technically tea should be stored away from light, but I figure mason jars in a kitchen cabinet will suffice). As remedies in my everyday life I resonate between 5 main teas for various reason.

  • Ginger Tea – Recently, I purchased my first loose ginger tea, prior I was grating fresh ginger into hot water. I love the smell of ginger tea more than any other tea, it smells like a kick of energy in a glass. It is one of the best teas for digestion, the combination of herbal benefits and pungent smell can knock out any icky tummy or nausea. Mixing hack: add green tea leaves to your ginger tea in the morning to jump start your metabolism while getting your caffeine kick.
  • Lavender Tea – I use lavender tea on two occasions. First, it’s a great stress reliever. When I meditate, feel anxious or overwhelmed, lavender is my go to. Whether that is in the form of an essential oil on my pressure points or a hot cup of tea in my hands, lavender tea is instant calm. If I am in the studio prepping for a live broadcast, it is more than likely a hot cup of lavender tea is somewhere nearby. Second, anytime I get a headache, I heat up some water and brew a cup of lavender tea before I ever touch a pill bottle. I get lingering headaches during season changes and lavender tea is a life saver. Mixing hack: add iced lavender tea to unsweetened lemonade in the summer for the most delicious Arnie Palmer.
  • Matcha Green Tea – My newest party trick is traditionally brewing match tea. It might seem nerdy as ever but I am stoked about it! I suggest everyone go into your local tea store and ask them to teach you, you’ll understand what I mean when you do. While brewing matcha is super fun, the benefits are even better. It’s a great source of caffeine without coffee jitters, it is a calorie burner, great for detoxing, tastes great and so much more. As of late, I drink matcha in the morning rather than coffee. Mixing hack: many people like to add matcha to their smoothies in the morning. Why not get your caffeine and meal all in one cup.
  • Rooibos Tea – Rooibos is my go to tea for tea lattes. It tastes earthy and rich like chai but with a more flavorful and satisfying taste (in my opinion). On top of being a great latte tea, rooibos is packed with beneficial minerals. It’s like taking a dose of minerals while drinking tea. Mixing hack: honey and soy milk elevate the flavors of rooibos.
  • Earl Gray – If I am looking for a late day boost of caffeine, I always reach for earl grey. I struggle to sleep if I drink coffee or matcha after 2pm, earl grey allows for sleep while still giving me energy. This is the only tea that I keep both loose leaf and in bags. It sounds weird, but when my under eye bags are extra big, I steep earl grey tea bags let them cool and put them on my eyes like cucumbers. The caffeine in the tea helps fight inflammation and dullness under my eyes. Mixing hack: if you are ever at a mixology bar and a drink contains tea, more than likely the tea the mixologist is using is earl grey.
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