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If there is a place you need products you put on your body to work, it’s the gym. No one likes to smell funky or use products that just don’t work. That said, as someone in the fitness industry I have tried everything under the sun. If you’ve been following this blog you know that I try to stick with natural products, I believe they are safer for my body and more sustainable for the environment. Through plenty of trial and error I have found some duds, but I have also found some products I simply can’t live with out. Here are the ones I can’t live without.

Saje Au Natural Crystal Fresh Deodorant Stick 

This is one of those products that you won’t believe works until you try it. Still to this day I am blown away by how effective it is. Basically it’s a chunk of mineral salt you wet with warm water, rub on your under arms and then wet again to sanitize. It’s brilliant, works wonders and is my favorite natural deodorant, hands down.

Saje Peaceful Warrior Deodorant Spray

I admit… I’m extra, and smells are kind of my thing. So, I like to top off the deodorant stick with a scented deodorant spray. It’s not necessary but I am a sucker for a good smell and this spray is heaven.  The scent is a mix of sandalwood, patchouli, fennel and vetiver. If you know me, you know I melted the first time it ever crossed my nostrils!

Kaia Natural Juicy Bamboo Natural Cleansing Oil Clothes

Most days I am that person who is running into the gym and then running out without time to shower, refresh or anything else of the sort. It’s just the way of the world, and definitely the way of our nonstop-on-the-go society. One of the things I try my very best to do no matter what is clean my face after every sweat. These wipes make it extra easy, are gentile and come in efficient gym bag friendly packaging.

Caudalie Beauty Elixer

I was first introduced to this product on a photo shoot by a makeup artist. She taught me a lot about natural beauty, and this was one of her ride or dies. Turns out, it was about to become one of my ride or dies as well. As I learned more about the product, it’s ingredients and benefits, it became a staple for my gym bag. Not to mention it tightens pores and leaves the face feeling tingling and refreshed.

Healthy Hoohoo Gentile Feminine Wipes

Ladies, this may be the most important thing on this list. Taking care of your lady at the gym is a must! Both for health sake and for personal hygiene sake. These wipes come in a nice and small package, they’re easy to throw in a gym bag and so so so important.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Travel Press

Depending on the time of day, I am either finishing a coffee or carrying a water bottle everywhere I go, gym included. My favorite travel mug is this baby. It’s a french press in a travel mug, I mean how cool is that!!!

Manna Vogue 25 oz. Water Bottle in Matte Black

Keeps your water cool all day, looks fancy and sustainable. Check, check and check. Plus, I’ve dropped this bottle more times than I can count and it’s still kicking. Add indestructible to that check list.

Lo & Sons The Hanover Backpack

Last but not least, something to carry all of your gym goodies. This backpack fits a ton, is super light weight and is made out of recycled materials! I love it simply for those reasons, but the removable organizer inside is a game changer. I kid you not, I can fit all of the things on this list, my computer, a change of clothes and some snacks.

What are your favorite gym essentials?

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