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One of my all time favorite things to do is garden. Being that we don’t have outdoor space in Chicago, Dani and I have turned our apartment into an indoor potted jungle. While we sit amongst our jungle dreaming of one day having outdoor space, we have decided to educate ourselves on the ins and outs of successful outdoor gardening. We have read about the best plants to plant throughout the seasons, how long they take to flower, care instructions, unique varietals, basically all of the things a true green thumb needs to know! The reoccurring thing we keep coming across is supplementing soil with compost. Which makes us think, should we be composting as well?

A bit more digging, and the answer is an overwhelming YES, we all should be composting! The benefits of composting go far beyond caring for your garden and extend the same care to the environment as a whole. It helps reduce green house gas emissions, it creates soil that not only helps your plants grow bigger and stronger, but helps prevent soil exhaustion and erosion and prevents storm water runoff, not to mention it cuts down your amount of waste. Plus, it’s a cool new thing to try in the sustainability world, which we are all about!

The first step in our composting journey is figuring out if it is possible living in an apartment in a big city. Turns out companies like The Urban Canopy, are way ahead of us and have made it easy and relatively cheap to get started. They created Compost Club, a weekly, biweekly or monthly service. They provide composter’s with a 5-gallon bucket, which the composter then fills and leaves outside their homes or apartment buildings. Compost Club then picks up the filled bucket on the scheduled pick up date and replaces it with a new bucket. Simple as that!

All of that to say, we are going to start a compost blog series surrounding our journey with Compost Club, and cannot wait to share with you! Our first bucket gets dropped off August 11th, I will check in soon with composting stories, pointers, reviews and so much more. Happy composting!

Photo Credit: SoilBiotics

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