Composting First Impressions

What I wasn't expecting when I started composting

I should start by saying, we picked up our first bucket last week with no issue. Compost Club left our bucket locked to a pipe near the entrance to our garage, texted us the code and we were able to unlock it and bring it up to our apartment. As we work our way through week one, I wanted to share a few of the things I wasn’t expecting as we begin our composting journey.

  • When you live in a small apartment, finding space for a 5-gallon bucket in your kitchen is quite the challenge.
  • Stickers are a bitch. You don’t realize how many stickers are on produce until you have to remove each and every one before it can be composted.
  • For two people we create more food waste than I expected.
  • Anything compostable goes in the bucket. Yes, that means nail clippings, compostable napkins and kitchen ware, seeds of fruits and more.
  • I was fully expecting the bucket to smell and attract flies, but thankfully we haven’t had either of those issues.
  • The number of times we’ve had to take out the garbage has decreased dramatically.
  • Maybe she hasn’t discovered what is in it yet, but our puppy has no interested in the bucket.

There are my first impressions, stay tuned for more composting tips and tricks. If you are a composter or interested in composting, comment down below with your first impressions and or concerns.

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