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The Skin Conscious Makeup Line's Greatest Hits

On a recent photo shoot our lovely makeup artist Tara Dumser, introduced me to the cosmetic brand Jane Iredale. As someone who is forever on the hunt for conscious brands creating beautiful products, I was immediately intrigued. Being the amazing person she is Tara sent me some Jane Iredale goodies, a few of which I have fallen in love with!

Jane Iredale created her makeup brand after years of working in the entertainment industry, witnessing the destruction heavy makeup application did to ones skin. Her makeup line is a cruelty, paraben, talc and phthalate free, transparent about vegan and gluten free options and focused on holistic skin health. A winning combination if you ask me.

In Touch Cream Blush in Charisma and Chemistry – I am a sucker for cream blushes, combine that love with stunning shades and the smell of chocolate, and I’m sold. They feel light and fresh on the skin while easily applied with your fingers or brush. Charisma is a rose color with a metallic sheen and Chemistry is a mauve shade with a hint of brown. The blushes are not vegan as they contain beeswax, but they are gluten free.

Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper – If you’ve never exfoliated your lips, I would highly suggest it. The combination of exfoliation and plumping is perfect for a natural pout sans fillers or injections. The plumper has a refreshing feel with a slight pink tint and juicy finish. The same as the cream blushes, this duo is not vegan due to bees wax but is gluten free.

Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in Dark Topaz – Smooth and soft on the lid with epic staying power. Application is a breeze with either the brush built into the top, or your own eyeliner brush. It won’t tug on your lid and and the brown metallic shade is perfect for any eye look. This liner is both vegan and gluten free.

Have you ever tried Jane Iredale products? If so, comment below with your favorites! Don’t forget to check out Tara’s Instagram for more on Jane Iredale.

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