What’s In My Fit Conscious Travel Bag?

10 Things I Won't Travel Without

There are few things I consider more important when traveling than a well packed carry-on bag. Lucky enough, I get to travel for work quite regularly and I have boiled down ten fit travel essentials that I never leave Chicago without.

  1. A Spacious and Stylish Carry-On Bag – It’s impossible to bring all of the best goodies if you can’t fit them in your bag. I rotate between a backpack and a tote, both of which fit everything and look good while they do it! The backpack pictured in this photo is The Hanover Deluxe by Lo & Sons.
  2. My Computer – It’s rare I go down the street without my computer, so you better believe I always have it by my side when on the road. One of my favorite ways to wind down before bed when traveling is a quick guided meditation or in room yoga on my computer. If you’ve never heard of YogaGlo, do yourself a favor and go check it out right now!
  3. Running Shoes – I am a firm believer in tennis shoes for all occasions, but when I travel I make sure to set aside the fashion sneakers and bring along the functional sneaks.
  4. My Daily Planner – Again, I rarely go down the block without my daily planner, it’s seriously my brain on paper. On the road, I find it easiest the make sure I get my workout in when I schedule it into my day. This planner is by the Detroit based brand Shinola
  5. Headphones – When I forget my headphones something has gone seriously wrong. On the plane I am a sucker for a good podcast, while I run I love me a good audiobook and when knocking out work at a coffee shop I NEED my blues and jazz.
  6. A Fit Snack – Airports are a nightmare for a vegan like myself, especially if I am looking to eat more than water and potato chips. You will always find some sort of fit snack in my bag when traveling. My favorite as of late is homemade fruit and nut mix. Stay tunes for recipes! 
  7. SPF – My Mom taught me when I was a little girl, put on your sunscreen. Apparently it stuck, I always carry a travel size SPF in my bag.
  8. Body and Face Wipes – Hey sometimes after a workout on the road a shower isn’t as accessible as you would like. Wipes are a girl’s best friend in these situations. I am in love with the Yuni face and body wipes as of late, they smell amazing and are great for all skin types. 
  9. Spray Toner – Spray toners are perfect on the go skin care. Wipes get you clean, toners treat your skin. I have been using the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for years, I love the cooling sensation it gives while it tones. 
  10. A Sweater or Sweatshirt – I am always FREEZING on the plane, layers are an absolute must. I actually do not understand how people can fly in shorts and t-shirts.

Sounds like a lot of stuff, and hey maybe it is, but each and every item is vital in helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

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