How to Stock a Vegan Fridge

My 5 Favorite Fridge Hacks

There are few places that I truly feel like I’m in my element. The first and most important is my home, the second is with family and friends and the third is the grocery store or farmers market. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I am OBSESSED with grocery shopping, I’m not sure why and I’m not sure when it became a thing but I LOVE it!

While moving across the country has been anything but stress free, I am so so thrilled to stock our brand new fridge! Of course, we moved all of our spices and oils across the country with us. That ish is expensive! But all of the perishables and liquids are getting restocked and refilled. When stocking a fridge I have 5 simple rules I like to abide by.

  1. 75% of my fridge should be made up of fresh produce and fresh ingredients. Fruits, veggies and perishable nuts and seeds.
  2. When it comes to condiment’s start small. Right off the bat there is no need for fancy mustards, salad dressings and mint jellies. Condiments take up valuable space and a majority can be homemade.
  3. Junk food is a no no. When starting fresh with a new fridge why not start on the healthiest foot possible?
  4. Don’t forget vitamins, super foods and supplements. I like to keep quite a few super foods and supplements on hand at all times. Many of those items need refrigerating, don’t forget to restock the essentials and save space in your fridge for the items that need it.
  5. Finally, try something new! Try a new recipe, pick up a fruit from the exotic fruit section, make something homemade rather than buying it at the store. Be adventurous and challenge yourself, who knows what will stick!

Do you have guidelines you abide by when you are stocking your fridge?



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