The Undisputed Champ of the Workout World

I have to thank my little sister Taylor for being the person to finally drag my butt to boxing. She asked and asked and asked me to go to kickboxing with her until I finally womaned up and took her up on it. I am so thankful for her persistence because I fell in love with the sport from the first one two punch. There is something therapeutic about wailing on a bag for an hour, and something equally fulfilling in knowing you are working your butt off. Initially I was nervous about the types of people I would run into at a boxing gym, but the people and environment at every gym I’ve been to so far have been some of the most welcoming around.

Boxing is by far one of the most challenging workouts I have ever done, but it is so worth it! This is a sport/workout that you will never master no matter how good you get, which is definitely the thing I love about it most.

Here is what to expect when you take up boxing:

  • Sore sore sore muscles especially hands and knuckles. Once you learn the correct way to punch the hand and knuckle pain will begin to subside.
  • You will be a bundle of nerves the first time you walk into a boxing gym.
  • Don’t let the fear or doubt of not knowing what you are doing hold you back. You’ll catch on faster than you think.
  • Wrapping your own hands will be near impossible for at least the first 3 times your try to do it on your own.
  • If you are long limbed or have a high center of gravity, it will undoubtedly talk longer for you to catch onto kickboxing than boxing. Kickboxing will be super frustrating, trust me I FEEL YOUR FRUSTRATION.
  • On that same note, this isn’t so much an expectation rather a promise you should make to yourself. Give it your all the first session, if you don’t like it don’t come back, but you will never get the full experience if you short yourself in your first workout.
  • You’re going to sweat and you’re going to work hard.
  • If you have weak shoulders expect any type of burn out (rapidly hitting the bag for an extended period of time) or over the head combination to hurt like hell.
  • Boxing = Conditioning … embrace it.
  • Each workout is a release. It is like walking into a therapist’s office for an hour minus the tears, tissue and couches.
  • Even if you think you are coordinated, this workout will be a test of coordination and athleticism.
  • Lots and lots of bruises. Maybe it’s just me but the heavy bag beats me up pretty good each session.
  • Really really sore feet. I am about 95% sure I broke my big toe, but fight on sister right?
  • When your gloves are on you physically cannot open a water bottle, I would highly recommend a bottle with a straw or nozzle.
  • At some point there will be an annoying chick next to you who wants to say she boxes, but in reality she paws at the bag and makes giggling noises. As hard as it may be ignore her… ignore her.
  • You will be so proud of yourself once all is said and done


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