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Detroit is one of those cities that has flown under the radar for years. I rarely hear anyone say, ‘I’m headed to Detroit for the weekend any suggestions?’ But in my opinion, it’s a city that everyone NEEDS to take a second to explore. It’s rare one gets to watch a city grow in front of their eyes, Detroit is one of the few cities in the US that is experiencing a tangible Renaissance. Watching what was turn into what is and what will be is a privilege to witness. Here are my favorite spots in the Motor City.

Where to eat:

  • Gather – A minimalist design translated into one of Detroit’s most sought after restaurants. Gather won’t slap you across the face with concept or ambiance, the food simply speaks for itself. My favorite dishes are the Bread, Crunch Crunch and a side of Vegetables.
  • The Apparatus Room – Apparatus Room on the other hand embodies a beautifully thought out concept and ambiance. The Apparatus Room is in the Foundation Hotel, an old firehouse transformed into a boutique hotel. I have traveled quite a bit in my life and can think of very few hotels that top the Foundation Hotel. Order the Crushed Avocado Toast, I promise you’ll thank me.
  • The Sugar House – Finally, end your evening with a nightcap at The Sugar House. No matter your spirit of choice, the bartenders at The Sugar House have come up with a delicious cocktail to sate your palate. My favorite drink is the Tunnel of Love.

What to do:

  • Run along the river  – The best kind of workout is a free workout. In Detroit, not only is the riverfront great for long runs, but you can see across the river into Canada while taking in the new riverfront developments in Detroit. AKA run by Tony Hawk’s new Wayfinding skate park because well it’s Tony Hawk and a skate park.
  • Citizen Yoga – Offering a wide variety of classes, Citizen Yoga’s Detroit studio is a peaceful oasis in the middle of downtown.
  • Detroit Body Garage – A great space to take on literally any type of workout. The Detroit Body Garage offers everything from Yoga to Firebirds a kid focus bootcamp to High Octane a full body HIIT workout. Make sure you schedule class with Terra, the owner.
Photo Credit: @danifoxhoven,, Detroit Body Garage,,

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